Reopening Maryland

The blueprint for reopening the state, Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery offers four building blocks or phases for starting again.  As noted in the guide, Governor Hogan has laid out the Four Building Blocks that are necessary for the State to move towards recovery. These include: (1) procuring sufficient personal protective equipment for frontline healthcare workers; (2) generating hospital surge capacity; (3) having adequate testing capacity; and, (4) a robust contact tracing program.  Once these building blocks are in place, the state can begin to reopen in phases with monitoring for surges in between each step:

  • Low Risk—quality of life improvements such as small shops and businesses re-opening, elective medical and dental procedures, recreational outdoor activities, outdoor fitness classes, outdoor religious gatherings
  • Medium Risk—raised cap on social gatherings, indoor gyms and fitness classes, childcare centers, indoor religious gatherings, restaurants and bars with restrictions
  • High Risk—these will likely require a widely available vaccine or safe and effective therapeutics to resume activities such as large social gatherings, high-capacity bars and restaurants, fewer restrictions on nursing home and hospital visits, entertainment venues, and large religious gatherings

Read the guide and learn more HERE.