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Health Risk Screening Tool

The Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) is used to detect health risks and destabilization EARLY. The HRST assigns scores to 22 health and behaviorally related rating items. The total points result in a Health Care Level with an associated degree of health risk. Health Care Levels (HCL) can range from 1 through 6; Level 1 being the lowest risk for health concerns and Level 6 being the highest risk of health concerns. It is important to understand that the HRST measures health risk not disability. The following link will provide an overview of the HRST and some details about how it has been implemented in Maryland.  HRST Orientation

Benefits for the Person:

  • Early identification of health risks reduces and prevents complications.
  • Careful monitoring of a person’s health promotes quality of life.
  • Identifies additional training needs of staff to serve the person more effectively.
  • A clear relationship between the increasing health risk score and mortality rate, therefore early detection of health risks and destabilization prevents unnecessary deaths.
  • Identifies other service needs that may be less than obvious.
  • Assists providers and families to have meaningful conversations with physicians and other medical professionals.

Additional information is available: