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Transitioning Youth

Who are Transitioning Youth?

Students transitioning from school to adult services are typically referred to as “Transitioning  Youth.” The formal process of transition generally begins at age 14 and continues until the student leaves school. Eligible students with developmental disabilities are entitled to remain in school  until the year of their 21st birthday. Students (and those who turn 21 years old during the current  school year regardless of enrollment in school) who meet eligibility and financial criteria may  access GTYI funds and DDA services.

What is GTYI?

GTYI is the Governor’s Transitioning Youth  Initiative. The GTYI is a program that supports  students to obtain needed day or vocational  supports to successfully work, volunteer, and  safely participate in and contribute to their  communities. Supports and services are funded  in collaboration by the Division of Rehabilitation  Services (DORS) and the Developmental Disabilities
Administration (DDA).

Who is Eligible?

Unlike school services, DDA services are not  an entitlement and students must meet specific eligibility requirements. Access to funding and  services depends upon:

  • DDA Eligibility requirements
  • Medical Assistance and financial requirements
  • Funding Availability
  • Timeframe requirements

A coordinator can assist the student and family  with transition planning and will help the eligible  student access funding from the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

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