Service Coordination’s FY2023, FY2024, FY2025 Strategic Plan

It is with great excitement that we share Service Coordination’s  FY2023- FY2025  Strategic Plan!



This executive summary presents a brief overview of the key elements in Service Coordination, Inc.’s Strategic Plan FY2023-2025.


Service Coordination, Inc. (SCI) provides quality case management and other related services by helping people understand what their choices are and connecting them to resources in their communities in ways that respect their dignity and rights.


People experience the quality of life they choose. They are connected to an array of quality supports and services that are tailored to each of their unique wants and needs.  People are valued in and by their communities.




People come first – Show respect and honor for ALL people and all aspects of their lives, in words and actions, keeping people at the center of what we do.

We drive solutions – Persistently seek opportunities and overcome obstacles.  Navigate systems masterfully to make possibilities a reality.

We build connections – Because relationships are the foundation of our work, we share strong working collaborative relationships with each other and with those outside our organization.

We educate – Raise awareness in communities to appreciate the similarities and unique gifts of each person.  Explore choices with people we support.



Over the next several years, SCI will continue to provide high-quality case management and other related services.  We will continue to strengthen our role as a leader in the field by enhancing relationships with all customers and by collaborating for improvements across various systems. SCI seeks to grow by expanding our services both in and outside of Maryland to people with disabilities or complex medical needs, older adults, Veterans, and others who would benefit from our services, and by further investing in our organizational capacity with diversified resources.

SCI will pursue this direction by accomplishing the following outcomes in the areas of Quality Customer Services, Developing High-Performing Teams, and Organizational Infrastructure.



Outcome #1: Quality Customer Services

SCI is a recognized leader of person-centered quality services by enhancing relationships with people we support, connecting them to valued resources of their choice, and collaborating with our primary customers and other supporting partners.

Driving Strategy 1A: Consistent Process and Program-  Management Enhance the framework to continuously improve compliance and high-quality service provision in every area of the business.

Driving Strategy 1B: Strategic Partnerships – Strengthen relationships with existing supporting partners and develop new relationships in targeted environments informed by people we support.

Driving Strategy 1C: Build a partnership with the people we support and their families –  Engage people we support to define quality and embed them throughout SCI’s business.


Outcome #2: Developing High-Performing Teams

SCI is an employer of choice by attracting, retaining, and developing an engaged workforce.  We do this by utilizing a positive strengths-based approach.

Driving Strategy 2A: Recruitment – Create and implement a robust recruitment program

Driving Strategy 2B: Retention and Engagement-  Continue to develop and implement a robust retention and engagement program

Driving Strategy 2C: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) – Foster, cultivate, and preserve an organizational culture that recognizes the collective sum of the individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities, and talent of both our team members and the people we support represents a significant part of our culture, our reputation, and our organization’s achievement.


Outcome #3: Organizational Infrastructure Service Coordination continues to secure the organization’s foundation by ensuring diverse, sustainable resources that strengthen the organization and the services it provides.

SCI has diverse, sustainable resources that strengthen the organization and the services it provides.

Driving Strategy 3A: Business Model/Funding – Diversify revenue streams and programs aligned with current core competencies.

Driving Strategy 3B: Operational Infrastructure – Continue to develop increased operational infrastructure to position SCI for continued growth.

Driving Strategy 3C: Brand Identity – Fully establishes SCI’s brand identity as the premier provider of case management and other related services.