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Our Core Values

For more than 35 years, Service Coordination Inc., has served a diverse community of people across Maryland. Our core values demonstrate that. We have long believed in an inclusive society, where people live free from discrimination. We want our entire community to know that we stand against racism. We understand that many people have different experiences and perspectives during this pivotal time in our history. We will continue to advocate, working to dismantle biased systems, so regardless of race, we all live FREE.

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SCI Community Updates

SCI Program Updates for 8/21/2020: SCI Connect this week includes a link to a full list of at-home activities from Pathfinders for Autism. Their list features virtual calming centers, free coding for kids, along with information on the Cartooning Club: How to Draw, which is a YouTube channel specifically created to teach people how to draw using simple steps plus a link to DDA survey feedback on reopening day and employment as well as other concerns people are facing during this challenging time and other useful resources.

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Service Coordination is a recognized leader of person - centered quality services by enhancing relationships with people we support, connecting them to valued resources of their choice, and collaborating with our primary customers and other supporting partners.

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Service Coordination provides support to adults and children by connecting them with needed resources and services in their communities.

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Participate in a local study from the comfort of your own home and Earn a $20 gift card from Amazon!
We are excited to announce a new partnership between Service Coordination, Inc. (SCI) and the University of Maryland’s professor Dr. Amanda Lazar. In support of this partnership, SCI invites you to participate (if applicable) in a new study from Dr. Lazar and her team that explores the technology needs of people living with dementia and their care partners.

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Our Mission


Service Coordination, Inc. SCI) provides quality case management and other related services by helping people understand what their choices are and connecting them to resources in their communities in ways that respect their dignity and rights.   


People experience the quality of life they choose. They are connected to an array of quality supports and services that are tailored to each of their unique wants and needs.  People are valued in and by their communities.

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