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A message from the President and CEO



For more than 36 years, Service Coordination, Inc. (SCI) has supported the choices of people requiring our case management services and worked to identify available resources. We began as one of the nation’s first independent case management provider agencies serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and have since expanded our services and offerings to children, families, older adults and veterans.

Choice has always been the foundation of our case management and other related services, and we believe that services should be tailored to meet the desires of people and their choices.  As a non-profit case management agency, SCI does not operate to earn a profit, but rather to support community members in need of our services and to fulfill our mission of providing the highest quality Case Management services.

SCI is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a volunteer group of community members. Each Board member brings the integral skills and passion required to oversee our organization and ensure that we adhere to our Mission and commitment to our community. Our team members work directly alongside the people we serve. On average, our team members have seven years’ experience and are highly educated.  They are part of a mobile workforce that can perform their work from anywhere in their communities, thus providing greater convenience, accessibility, and flexibility in our services.

In order to continuously evolve and continue to provide the highest quality services, we recently had the opportunity to review and update our Strategic Plan.  We examined the internal and external environment of the organization and updated the mission, vision, and values that guide the organization.  SCI’s FY20-25 Outcomes are Quality Customer Services, Team Member Development, and Organizational Development.  These include seven driving strategies with accompanying goals and objectives, each with action steps that will steer our organization over the next several years.  This plan serves as a management tool for SCI’s Board of Directors and team members as we work together to advance the organization’s mission.  Successful implementation of this strategic plan requires a commitment to shared leadership between the Board of Directors, the CEO, and all Team Members of SCI.

With our new Strategic Plan and Standards for Excellence Accreditation, with commendations, SCI is in a pivotal position to continue to offer the highest quality services, consistently evolving to meet the needs of those we serve.

– John Dumas, President & CEO


John Dumas, USMC (Ret) MBA, President & CEO

Mindy Propst, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Tenneille Aleshire, Executive Vice President & Chief Program Officer

Gerri Hammond, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Karen Chapin, Chief of Staff


  • Bill Stack, Chair
  • Vlady Gorny, Vice Chair
  • John Halley, Chair – Audit and Risk Committee
  • Cheryl Steinbacher, Chair – Compensation Committee
  • Marlene Hendler, Director
  • Allen Kampf, Director
  • Kelly Mason, Director
  • Eric Zimmerman, Director
  • Cheryl Steinbacher, Director