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Our Person-Centered Approach

Collaboration with Key Stakeholders

Over the past year we have worked closely with DDA and other partners to develop methods to support a person-centered approach for those receiving services. Methods included both the approach used by Coordination and Community Services (CCS) providers to ascertain information important to and for a person and the format for capturing this information. SCI shared their internal approach and format, both of which have been incorporated into a new statewide approach. In addition, numerous staff participated in a state-wide pilot, providing valuable information that was used to shape changes in the approach and format of the new plan. The new state-wide Person-Centered Plan launched on August 1st, 2018!

SCI supported by DDA created a trailer to promote the July 2018 roll-out of the new Person-Centered Plan which was presented at the MACS CEO & Leadership Conference! This trailer can be viewed on YouTube here:

Our Person-Centered Approach

SCI supports individuals with case management, person-centered planning, and the coordination of wrap-around services related to housing, employment, relationships, financial management, treatment & health monitoring, and recreation.   With core competencies in relationship building and navigational expertise, the Case Manager is able to develop meaningful connections with government agencies, community service providers, community based business, service organizations and interested supporters to ensure each individual has the support needed to be successful in transitioning through each phase of their program.