Shirley’s Story

Ms. Shirley Thorne is a resident of Prince George’s County, Maryland. Ms. Thorne was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of two. However, at an early age she decided that she would indeed live a productive life. Having undergone extensive surgeries to assist with her ability to walk, she endured great pain. At the age of 14, she decided that she was comfortable just the way she was and declined to have another major surgery. Thereafter, Ms. Thorne grew up to be a person who loved to help others. She has worked as a caregiver, an Uber driver, and a baby sitter. Then, in 2018, Ms. Thorne and her partner found out that she was with child. They were elated by the news, as Ms. Thorne had always looked forward to caring for a child of her own. However, during Ms. Thorne’s pregnancy she struggled with complications and was no longer able to walk or stand with her crutches. At this point, Ms. Thorne was introduced to Supports Planning Services. Ashley Jackson, Supports Planner, met Ms. Thorne a couple of weeks after she had given birth. She had such a positive and cheerful spirit. She made it clear to Ashley that her priority was to provide and be a great mother to her daughter, Gabriella.

Since starting services, Ms. Thorne was able to receive the assistance she needed to help her back on her feet. By having someone to prepare meals and assist her with her activities of daily living, she was able to dedicate more time to caring for her daughter. Ashley is working with Ms. Thorne’s apartments leasing office to obtain a larger apartment and environmental adaptations. These adaptations are necessary to keep Ms. Thorne safe in her apartment and to enhance independence. As of now, Ms. Thorne continues to work towards walking again. She is now able to stand, and continues to make progress. Walking, transitioning back into the work field, and providing a wonderful life for her daughter are all goals that Ms. Thorne has set out to accomplish. Ms. Thorne is beloved by many and and we are all rooting for her. Thanks to the CFC program and her Supports Planner, Ms. Thorne is able to live independently and have the supports she needs to raise her daughter.