Emily’s Story

Emily is a 22 year old woman who moved to Maryland towards the end of high school. After struggling with the transition to a new school and new state, Emily found Self Directed Services. The road to Self-Directed Services was a long and struggling one at times but for Emily the Self Directed model fit beautifully. Self-Directed Services enhances Emily’s life to its potential. With assistance from her team, Emily designs her day-to-day activities. In addition to working as a classroom aide part-time, Emily loves to volunteer at several local non-profit organizations and local produce farms. Giving back to the community is huge for Emily; she loves to help and serve others. Some of these volunteer opportunities have been working in a chocolate factory, food bank, her local church, and farmers market. In addition to working part time and volunteering, Emily with the support of her team has been active in the community arranging meet ups with her peers and hosting get togethers.

The is hoping to organize nature field trips and other recreational sports in the future. She also participates in Special Olympics Track and Field and soon to be participating in water sports, horseback riding and dance classes. Emily is always looking for new ways to connect to people. Emily recently went to Kenya to share her story, encourage others with disabilities, and educate those without. In her own unique way, the community at large is learning about Emily and her amazing potential and she is leaving a lasting impact on all the lives she touches. For Emily, communication is key and having a team on-board to listen to her dreams and needs and then execute plans to fulfill them is what Self Directed Services is all about.