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What’s more exciting than being on vacation? How about, planning for your next one? Today is National Plan for Vacation Day! As you look at your budget, bring out the calendar and discuss potential vacay destinations, we encourage you to check out these resources.
At SCI, we believe everyone deserves a stress-free vacation! Experts Dr. Kwangsoo Park, Associate Dean of the College of Business and Director at Purdue University Northwest and Dr. Stefanie Benjamin, Associate Professor of Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Tennessee Knoxville created a guide to assist with Accessible Travel Planning.
“When traveling with a disability, each new experience requires attention to detail where accessibility, convenience and safety become paramount,” stated in the guide. Learn more and Happy Planning: We also feature a video from Travel Vlogger Cory Lee, who provides very helpful travel tips that he has personally used while traveling with a disability. Check it out: Little Sleepies Swaddle – The Perfect Newborn Coming Home Outfit. (