In-Home Supports Assurance System

By 2020, federal regulations require all personal supports service providers use a clock-in and clock-out system to record their service times. The purpose is to increase accountability for service provision and to help make sure that people are receiving services as outlined in their person-centered plan.

The DDA is using the In-Home Supports Assurance System (ISAS) for personal supports service to comply with the regulation.

What is the In-Home Supports Assurance System?

ISAS is a telephone-based electronic, clock-in and clock-out billing system. It is used to monitor the services people receive, to record service times and to verify that people are receiving services as authorized in their Person-Centered Plans.

What is the ISAS implementation timeline?

Pilot Program: The ISAS pilot started on Dec. 1, with a group of DDA providers that deliver personal supports services. The group will validate the new system in preparation for the full launch in 2020.

Full Launch: Based on the LTSSMaryland transition timeline, all providers of personal support services will start using ISAS for service billing in 2020.

What does ISAS mean for people receiving DDA services?

It means more accountable for services authorized in the person’s PCP and payment for services provided. Please note that this change will not impact people’s services. Coordinators of Community Services are receiving ongoing training and informational tools to ensure service recipients understand how provider staff will use ISAS.

For more information, contact the ISAS team at or 410-767-1719.