Impact Story – Transition & Learning New Skills





Pam Pasternack, a CCS team member, has been working with LB for around 13 years. She lives with her parents in Catonsville and they provide support. LB and her CCS keep in close contact during the current state of emergency, at least 1 time a week via email or phone. LB‘s transition team in the Baltimore County School System helped her find a volunteer position as a teacher’s aide at Catonsville Elementary school. She is still working at the same school in a paid position as a teacher’s assistant with special needs children.

About 5 years ago LB expressed an interest in taking a class learning how to use a professional camera. She purchased a camera with her own money and signed up for a non-credit class at Catonsville Community College. She completed class and for several years she took all kinds of pictures. She would share her photos with her CCS via email or during visits. In the last 3 years she started using her iPhone more and got away from using her professional camera. She is now into scrap booking and making albums.

With school closed due to the recent order to stay at home, she doesn’t have as much to stay busy now. LB indicated that she missed her old hobby and her CCS encouraged her to get her camera back out. She’s started taking photos with her camera again and has shared a few with her CCS. She likes taking photos of things like plants and flowers and objects in her yard. The CCS has shared that it is a pleasure working with LB and she is an amazing young woman with a supportive family.