DDA Guide to Services

DDA Guide to Services

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration is an excellent resource for people with developmental disabilities and their families. The state agency provides services for the people who need them; it works directly with people with developmental disabilities and their families to provide leadership and resources; and, like SCI, it believes that everyone has the right to live their preferred lives.

However, as the DDA has so much to offer, finding what you are looking for isn’t always easy. Until now!

Click here to access the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration Easy-to-Understand Guide to Services. This 25-page guide is written in plain language and clearly explains the DDA, talks about its services, and provides contact information.

Here is a list of all the sections that you’ll find in the guide:

  1. What is the DDA and how does it work?
  2. Who can get DDA services and how do you apply?
  3. When can you get DDA services?
  4. What services does the DDA provide?
  5. How are DDA services provided?
  6. How do you make a plan for the services you need and want?
  7. What are rights and responsibilities?
  8. Where else can you go for support?
  9. Important words to know
  10. How to contact the DDA

The guide is a shorter version of DDA’s Guide to Services for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Families, which goes into even more detail.

But the shorter guide is a wonderful resource for quick information about the DDA, and how you can utilize it to help you and your family the most!