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In this story of resilience and determination, Quanetta’s triumph over obstacles paints a vivid picture of advocacy, support, and success. Battling muscular dystrophy, Quanetta faced the challenge of making her living space safer and more accessible, relying on her caregiver and daughter for basic needs. Little did she know that her journey would become a beacon of inspiration for others facing similar struggles. 

In 2022, Quanetta was approved for critical environmental adaptations in her apartment. These adaptations were not just needed; they were essential for her safety and well-being.  However, her apartment complex posed an unexpected hurdle by refusing to provide the necessary permission for the vital changes to be made. 

In October of 2023, Ileana was assigned as Quanetta’s Supports Planner. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Ileana went above and beyond to secure the support Quanetta needed. She connected with a compassionate attorney who, understanding the gravity of the situation, met with Quanetta multiple times to provide legal advice tailored to her specific needs. 

With the attorney’s guidance, a series of letters were crafted and sent to the property management company responsible for Quanetta’s apartment complex. These letters eloquently and passionately advocated for the approval of the adaptations that were crucial for Quanetta’s safety and independence. 

Quanetta’s story is a testament to her tenacity and determination to advocate for her rights. Despite facing adversity, she stood up for accessibility, demonstrating that with the right support, anyone can overcome challenges. Finally, after a persistent effort, Quanetta received the long-awaited approval for the environmental adaptations in her home. 

This success story is not just about legal victories; it’s about a community coming together to ensure that every individual, regardless of physical challenges, has the right to a safe and accessible living environment. Quanetta’s home improvements are now not just a possibility but a reality, thanks to her unwavering spirit and the collaborative efforts of Ileana, the attorney, and the community at large. She will now be able to have grab bars installed around her home to assist with safe ambulation and mobility, thereby increasing her independence. In addition, Quanetta is also in the process of getting a lift chair. She was previously unable to use her living room due to the lower height of her furniture.  

Quanetta’s journey serves as an inspiration for others facing similar hurdles, showcasing the power of advocacy, legal support, and the human spirit’s ability to triumph over adversity. Her story is a celebration of accessibility, equality, and the transformative impact that collective action can have on an individual’s life.