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Charlie’s Story

Charlie is a friendly and spirited gentleman living in Frederick, Md. He attends an adult day care center in Maryland, where he creates engaging and informative presentations and organizes fun activities and field trips for other attendees. He was an avid photographer in his earlier years, as evidenced by all the photographs that fill the walls of his home.

Charlie is also independent, strong-minded, and a great advocate for himself. He is never afraid to speak up and ask for help.

Adriana was assigned as the Supports Planner to Charlie’s case in August 2022.She quickly formed a special bond with Charlie and began working closely with him. Charlie currently receives home-delivered meals, and last October, Charlie found himself at ease, reaching out to Adriana for assistance, and she seized the chance to lend a hand!

Charlie had an upcoming eye exam scheduled that he could not afford without insurance and wanted to confirm his Medicaid coverage. Adriana was able to help Charlie ensure his coverage, find a local eye doctor in Frederick that would accept his insurance for the eye exam, and reschedule his appointment. 

After his appointment, there came the next challenge: finding affordable lenses and glasses.

Adriana did some research and found a voucher program that helps low-income individuals receive new eyeglasses. Adriana helped Charlie complete the voucher application for eyeglasses, and within two weeks, his application had been approved and his new eyeglasses were delivered to his door.

Thanks to the program and Adriana, Charlie received the vision care he desperately needed without the financial stress. Check him out in his new glasses!