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Carolyn’s Impact Story

Carolyn is “77 years young” and is a highly intelligent, delightful, and strong women residing in Temple Hills, Maryland. She is a shining leader in her community with an unshakable faith in her Christian beliefs. Carolyn has been through many challenges in her life. At the age of 50, she developed a brain aneurysm in the left lobe and five years later suffered a stroke which affected her right lobe.  Through hard work and perseverance, she miraculously recovered and returned to her usual busy way of life.  She was doing well until she started having knee issues that required surgery to repair.  After the knee surgery, she had a short stay in a nursing and rehab facility and then returned home with continued in-home physical therapy services. She later required more physical therapy in an outside environment for core strengthening.  Following this struggle, she had cataract surgery and then developed chronic dry eyes that required quite a lot of medication. As a woman of God, Carolyn continued to rely on her faith and has always strived to “look on the bright side” of things. With all she endured, she still desired her independence and to be close to her community. She believes God sent her the perfect help to allow her to remain closer to her loved ones.    

SCI Supports Planner Robin began working with Carolyn in November 2019 on her CO Waiver that she received in August 2019. Robin assisted Carolyn with securing personal care assistance, home delivered meals, disposable medical supplies and the installation and monitoring of a personal emergency response system. She also provided vein clinic information to assist with Carolyn’s poor leg circulation issues, in home therapy services and assisted living facility locations when she was considering changing her community living situation.  With Robins assistance, Carolyn’s leg circulation issues improved and as a result, she remains as independent as possible, in her community apartment. 

“I look forward to checking in on Carolyn monthly, monitoring her services, health and safety and renewing her annual plan,” said Robin. “It has been and continues to be an honor for me to be the bridge connecting Ms. Carolyn to services, community resources and helping her to navigate through the CO waiver process.” Carolyn also appreciates the check-in’s that Robin provides. “I loved Robin the moment she came to my home and sat down in my chair,” said Carolyn. “She is special and so genuine. She cares, listens, and gives out valuable information. I adopted her as my 10th child.” 

Carolyn continues to remain close with her friends and family in the community. She currently is approved for 13 hours per week of Personal Care Assistance and said she and her caregiver are learning to understand each other better because she is from another country.  She also has loving sisters and nephews who assist her and a dear friend who transports her to her doctor’s appointments. Robin and the CO waiver has allowed her to remain closer to those that love her the most.   

Thanks to Robin’s continued assistance and support, Carolyn is safer, happier and healthier with CO Waiver services in place. “I have a positive way of knowing that I have Robin and she will give me good recommendations,” said Carolyn. “She knows that I am trying to remain an independent senior as long as possible. I count my many blessings with all my infirmities.”