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Bridgette has always enjoyed being involved in her community. In high school, she was a member of both the marching band and drill team. One of her favorite past times was baby-sitting children in the neighborhood, she still receives visits from some of those children today. She went on to have a daughter of her own in 1983. Bridgette has worked a variety of jobs which provided her with various skills. These jobs have been in the medical field, retail field and government service field. Bridget loves collecting elephants, decorating and is known to know all the best places to shop in her community. 

Bridgette started going to the hospital frequently due to complications with her diabetes diagnosis. These complications were preventing her from having the surgeries that she needed. Bridgette was referred to the Community First Choice (CFC) program by Suburban Hospital. In 2018, her supports planner, Kimberly, started assisting her. Bridgette was approved for weekly caregiving hours, a Personal Emergency Response Device for assistance in case she falls as she lives alone, diabetes and incontinence care supplies along with many different medical equipment items over the years. These equipment items include grab bars, a handheld showerhead, a bedside grab rail, various blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring devices, a Reacher, a shower chair, a walker, a manual wheelchair, and an electric wheelchair.  

Bridgette is a great advocate for herself, and with the help of Kimberly, she has been able to obtain many assistive devices that have improved her quality of life. These items include a reclining lift chair and lifts located inside and outside of vehicles. Bridgette remains involved with her community and has located senior center activities in Montgomery County and social group resources. She obtained a free computer via a program through the Montgomery County Public Library. She also applied for the Affordable Connectivity Program to be used with this computer. With Kimberely on board, Bridgette completed the necessary paperwork to receive Meals on Wheels and the Food and Friends diabetic meal delivery programs. She is motivated to rely less on her walkers and wheelchairs because of these services. Moreover, Bridgette has researched several different transportation programs and applied for Metro Access, Call and Ride subsidized taxi services and the Jewish Council Agency’s Connect-a-Ride program.    

The caregiving hours afforded to Bridgette through the Community First Choice program (CFC) have been a great benefit. For the first time, Bridgette consistently had good blood sugar levels and was able to have the surgeries she needed. She has also reduced the number of hospital visits needed. This is largely due to the help of her caregivers preparing and serving her healthy meals along with helping her to research an appropriate diet. She is pleased to report that she can now safely live independently because of the services and support she receives through the Community First Choice program. Without them, she may have ended up in an institutional setting, which is very different from what she wants. Bridgette and her daughter have expressed their gratitude to Service Coordination for the support they provide that allows Bridget to live independently with the ability to make the choices that best fit her life.