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Hemakshiben is a 69-year-old woman who has led an active, fulfilling life. She is not only a singer who has performed in front of large audiences but a woman who has taken pride in raising her family, cooking traditional Indian cuisine for her friends, and hosting large family gatherings.   

 Hemakshiben now lives in Owings Mills, Md., with her son Naimish and his family. Unfortunately, she has fallen on some difficult times. After developing Parkinson’s Disease, a stroke, a pulmonary embolism, edema, and other health conditions, she and her family decided it was essential to get home health care.  

 She and her family were put in touch with SCI and Support’s Planner, Robin, who quickly leaped into action.   

 Over Indian chai tea, the family shared with Robin how much they adored Hemakshiben. Described as a loving and honored wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt, Hemakshiben deserved to be cared for in her golden years. But the family struggled, and the caregivers they hired were temporary, unreliable, or both.  

 To be sure that Hemakshiben’s specific needs were cared for, Robin began developing a Plan of Service that addressed her needs, goals, and plans to allow her to thrive at home. She searched for a provider that spoke Hindi so Hemakshiben could communicate in her native language; she made sure the plan was submitted as an urgent request so that Hemakshiben could hopefully receive a provider as soon as possible.    

While the plan was pending, Robin communicated with the family often. She learned about the difficult time they’d had over the prior months. Naimish, Hemakshiben’s son, described his mother’s falls and struggled climbing the stairs in their home.  

She also learned their current in-home caregiver would soon be moving back to India, and the family’s full-time jobs made it difficult for them to give their matriarch the help she needed.   

So the urgent request became even more critical.  

The plan was approved, and Hemakshiben soon began receiving reliable in-home care through SCI’s planning, allowing her to thrive in the home she loves with the family she raised.  

The family was pleased.  

“My mother must have done some good in her life to be blessed with you as her Support’s Planner,” Naimish told Robin.