Tyrone Carter

Tyrone is a 46-year-old male diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disabilities, and speech and language impairments. He currently attends the Medical Day program at the League for Persons with Disabilities. Although Tyrone likes attending the Medical Day program at the League, he has been attending the program for over 20 years. When Tyrone found out that he was chosen to receive services through the Community Pathway’s Waiver he was extremely excited and filled with joy. Tyrone was even more excited because he is now able to direct his services through self-directions and takes pride in being his own boss. Tyrone is in the Community First Choice Program and gets assistance in the mornings and evenings with personal care, but did not have anyone to take him out in the community on the weekends. This is due to his mother’s older age and the multiple levels of stairs that Tyrone has to go up and down in order to get in and out of the complex. With the right supports in place, Tyrone will now be able to go out on the weekends into the community and explore different opportunities through Community Learning Services (CLS). Tyrone will be utilizing CLS Monday’s – Wednesday’s and Individual Support Services (ISS) on the weekends. He will be able to seek job opportunities as well as volunteer opportunities in the community such as Meals on Wheels. He will also be able to explore activities to do outside of the home within his community. Since Tyrone is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, he did not think that he could ever work or volunteer in the community. Tyrone thought that he would be confined to a medical day program for the rest of his life. He told his Coordinator of Community Services, “I did not know I would be able to do this. This is great!” Tyrone cannot wait to start waivered services and is happy that there is a program that can fit his needs.