Recorded Versions of the Council Sponsored Education and Transition Series Webinars are Now Available!

Webinar descriptions, recorded presentations, transcripts, and presentation slides are now available using the links below: 

Webinar 1: Transitioning from School to Adult Life: How to Use the Special Education Process Effectively

Webinar 1 provided an overview of the legal requirements regarding transition plans and the IEP process, issues to consider as a transition plan is developed and revised, including how to balance academic and functional life skill needs, and suggestions for how to plan for a smooth transition from school to services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration and any other service providers.

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Webinar 2: Parent and Family Engagement: Why it Matters in the Special Education Process

Parents are key members of the IEP team and Maryland law has recently given parents additional rights. Webinar 2 focused on the 2017 parental consent law that allows parents to refuse to consent to certain recommendations by an IEP team, such as the decision about whether a student should take the PARCC assessment or the alternate assessment aligned to an alternate curriculum, and on issues such as assistive technology, restraint and seclusion, and least restrictive environment that can profoundly affect the course of education for students with developmental disabilities. 

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