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Service Coordination Inc. (SCI) has a strong legacy of providing quality person-centered services to the people we support. We have remained true to our mission and values, thanks to our talented SCI Team Members who have experienced extensive training. Are you interested in learning more about how we prepare our experienced and qualified Team Members? Sarah Johnson, SCI’s Talent Development Director shares a typical week of training for New Team Members.

“Training for new Team Members begins with learning about our organization’s mission, vision, and values,” said Sarah Johnson, SCI’s Talent Development Director. “We educate everyone on the history of disabilities and disability rights, person-centered language, and thinking. We also devote a day of instruction to communication skills to ensure our Team Members come out of their first week ready to engage with SCI Leaders, fellow Team Members, and their trainers.”

Sarah also shares that SCI’s current Coordination of Community Services (CCS) New Team Member onboarding training curriculum spans over the first few months of employment and includes over 16 facilitated sessions. “Each session is in place to support our new CCS Team Members as they learn the basic skills needed to support those served with visits, monitoring, and planning. This is, of course, in addition to the vital support received from and teaching done by supervisors, peer mentors, and fellow coworkers,” said Sarah.

Sarah says she appreciates the support from leaders and their teams when onboarding SCI’s newest additions to the SPS and CCS Programs and looks forward to the new training. “This year, we will be creating training based on the themes of inclusion, equity, diversity, and accessibility and how our Team Members can work successfully within these themes with those served.”