Waiver Amendments #1 2019 Approved

We are pleased to inform you that the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved our three Amendment #1 2019 requests to amend the State of Maryland’s Family Supports, Community Supports and Community Pathways Waivers. Amendment #1 2019 aligns the services scope, requirements, limitations, qualifications, and effective date for the three home and community-based service waiver programs that support individuals with developmental disabilities which goes into effect on July 1, 2019.

Each waiver program approved application includes a transition plan related to the changes or amendments made to the program.

To support stakeholder knowledge of options, changes, and actions that are needed, the DDA has developed guidance specific to Amendment #1 2019 that can be used as a reference and this at-a glance chart. Look for updates on the DDA Waivers – Amendment #1 2019, which will be available next week on the DDA website, located at here.

Coordinators of Community Services (CCS) will continue to share information with participants and families about new service opportunities and changes to existing services during their annual person-centered planning process and when new needs arise.

The DDA Regional Office staff are also available to assist individuals, families, CCS, and providers with the Amendment #1 2019 transition process.

If you have any questions or comments on the attached guidance, please send fiscal questions to DDA.CFO@maryland.gov and program questions to Kristina.Hall1@maryland.gov with the subject line “Amendment #1 2019 – (insert question subject).” For example “Amendment #1 2019 – Respite Question”.