Self-Directed Services

The DDA is very excited to report that we have approximately 900 people that have selected to participate in self-direction and are enjoying the flexibility of budget and employer authority. The DDA would like to take this opportunity to provide clarification related to the initial and annual person-centered plan (PCP) as well as the self-directed services (SDS) budget sheet.

People entering SDS services for the first time should complete an initial plan using the new DDA Person-Centered Plan (PCP) template and the updated SDS budget sheet.

Existing persons in self-direction, the annual plan should be completed (using the new DDA PCP template) based on the person’s annual PCP date along with the updated SDS budget sheet located on the DDA website. Two budget sheets will be needed for people that don’t have a July 1 annual PCP date to reflect the total approved budget amount based on their annual PCP date crossing fiscal years.

Initial and annual PCPs for the self-directed model should be submitted to the DDA using the Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) system for the people in the CPW.

For people enrolled in self-direction under the FSW or CSW, the Coordinator of Community Supports (CCS) will need to submit the initial and annual PCPs on paper to the DDA Regional self- direction leads until this functionality has been developed in LTSS. The DDA regional self -direction leads are as follows:

Remember that people in self-direction have the option of using advertisement and recruitment funds of up to $500 per annual PCP year to find staff. This is done by updating the PCP and submitting a revised SDS budget sheet under the Individual Family Directed Goods and Services (IFDGS) line item as a one-time only payment per annual PCP year.