SCI Organizational Changes – May & June 2020

New Supervising Supports Planner:

Sheneiah grew up in Bethlehem, PA and has 6 siblings–3 brothers and 3 sisters.  Her family is from Guyana, and her favorite food is anything her mom makes.   Sheneiah is very hands on at home with her 2 children and loves to experiment  making fun recipes she randomly comes across on YouTube. Her favorite  indulgence is watching a movie or show (suspense, drama, and comedy) at
home on a Friday night with dessert after a rigorous work week.
Sheneiah joined SCI 1 year ago as a Supports Planner. Before joining in March  2019, Sheneiah served in various capacities in the human service world. She  spent time working in leadership for other CCS agencies. Some of her more  recent work was building a program for a DDA provider agency.  Sheneiah came to SCI eager to join the Supports Planning program and states “it’s been a wonderful experience being a part of a team who values quality services and
always puts the people we serve first”. Sheneiah is excited about her new role as a Supervisor and looking forward to making her contributions in leadership.

New Leader – IT Operations Manager:

We are excited to announce that Maurice Easter has accepted the position of IT Operations Manager!  This new position was created as part of our strategic plan’s technology driving strategy to develop the Information Technology Department into a true internal business partner beyond “the people that keep our laptops running.” Our new IT Operations Manager will ensure the maintenance of our ever-growing technology infrastructure and, in concert with our not yet identified IT Director, support IT’s partnership with program and other operations departments as we continue to fulfill our mission. In addition to the talent he’s shared with SCI in the last three years, Maurice’s prior work in a wide variety of IT roles as well as within the human services field, positioned him as the strongest candidate
among both internal and external candidates we considered.

 New SPS Program Manager:

We are happy to announce that Ginny Jones has accepted the position of SPS Program Manager. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and started her Service Coordination Inc. career as a Service Coordinator for the CCS Program in Western Maryland from 2004 to 2010. She then served as the Social Services
Director for a skilled nursing facility from 2010 to 2017. During that time she developed and implemented structure and processes for the facility’s Social Service Department based on federal and state regulations, as well as created and led a resident rights and empowerment council. She returned to SCI in May of 2017 as a Supports Planner, then as a Supervising Supports Planner
in September 2017. Since her return she has been an integral part of the development and implementation of the SPS Program and its success.

Congratulations Ginny!