Rachael Perry Story

Rachael Perry is 22 and likes to sing and express herself artistically. She is known for her bubbly and pleasant personality and making others laugh. She obtained GTYI services in 2018 and began attending Friends Aware Inc. (FAI) Life Enrichment Center. At that time she was living with family and life was challenging for a variety of reasons. She was struggling to maintain her health and to regularly attend her meaningful day service. She had a desire to learn and experience new things.

Her Coordinator of Community Services (CCS), Tisha Livengood closely and consistently monitored Rachael’s needs and offered and organized countless community resources to ensure her safety and basic needs. In June 2019 it became evident to Tisha that Rachael required an emergency request to The Developmental Disabilities Administration to pursue a new home where she could be supported to run after that good life she craved! After moving to her new home, she has done just that. Tisha describes Rachael as someone “who makes friends easily and enjoys meeting new people.” Since moving she has been supported by caring direct support staff and had a first time opportunity to stay in a hotel.

Additionally, Rachael’s social life has really taken off. She joined a weekly bowling league, goes shopping and visits friends. She is taking control of her life and creates her own menus, picks out her favorite foods and is learning to do many new things. Rachael enjoyed her first Christmas Holiday in her own home and loved having not just one but 2 Christmas Trees. Upon opening her gifts, she exclaimed, “This is the best day of my life!”