Laura Ferrari (Speaker at the Transition Fair located at Frederick Community College)

Laura Ferrari was one of the opening speakers at the Frederick Community College Transition Fair and shared her story through her eyes. Laura spoke with confidence and explained how she came to her life now of living with both her brother, Tony, and sister-in-law, Alexia. She loves to dance and believes everyone needs to get up and dance sometimes! Laura loves being involved in her sister-in-law’s business called Sexy Side of Life where she helps with women to feel empowered and have confidence in themselves; she takes videos of various events of herself such as doing indoor skydiving was one and showed a video to the audience too. Afterwards, Laura participated in a Q&A by answering questions about employment and shared her background and how she receives self-directed services through Service Coordination. Laura is a confident and inspiring woman and everyday becoming the woman who she wants to be.