Family Supports Waiver Overview

The DDA Family Supports Waiver (FSW) is a Maryland Medicaid Waiver program the DDA administers on behalf of Medicaid. To support families, the DDA sought input from stakeholders on support needs to help children and youth (birth to 21 years old) and their families during times when they are not in school. As of December 8, 2019, there are 188 enrolled participants. The DDA has approval to support up to 400 participants and continues to offer opportunities for individuals on the DDA Wait List to apply based on their priority category. Over 540 families over the past several months have been offered this opportunity.

The DDA Coordinator of Community Services (CCS) will inform families when they are selected and will assist the individual and family with the waiver application process. CCSs will first help individuals and families explore integrated life domains including daily life, safety and security, community living, healthy lifestyle, social and spirituality, and citizenship and advocacy.

In consideration of the person’s current support structures and any unmet needs, integrated services can be requested to assist the person and family to work toward individually defined life outcomes, including developing the participant’s ability for self-determination, community living, socialization, and economic self-sufficiency.

There is a cost limit related to the initial waiver enrollment as part of the eligibility criteria. Each applicant for the Family Supports Waiver services must not exceed $12,000. One-time costs like assistive technology, environmental modification, and vehicle modifications are not considered for this requirement. If the person-centered plan waiver services exceed the $12,000 the person will be denied enrollment. However, if needs change after enrollment, a revised plan can be submitted. Based on assessed needs, the DDA can authorize funding more than the $12,000 individual cost limit and the participant can remain enrolled.