Please note the following language changes to the current waiver amendments related to the Meaningful Day service called Career Exploration:

The 90-day limit will not apply to people currently receiving services. People currently receiving Career Exploration will create an employment goal within their Person-Centered Plan during their annual team process that outlines their trajectory and transition time frame toward community integrated employment. New people requesting Career Exploration, after July 1, 2020, can be authorized for up to three months of services.

The DDA is assessing individual employment situations in terms of meeting the definition of competitive integrated employment and assessing the settings for compliance with the federal community-setting requirements. As noted, CMS has provided guidance and exploratory questions related to settings that may have characteristics of isolating a person. The DDA is happy to further discuss and visit employment settings. Some settings may meet the community settings requirement but do not meet the competitive integrated employment. In these situations, there may be other non-employment related waiver services that can support the person.

The DDA is working with national subject matter experts from the Supported Employment Leadership Network (SELN) on exploring whether a conflict of interest policy is needed related to employment services when a provider both employs and provides waiver job coaching services to the same person.

The DDA remains committed to the principles of Employment First and will continue working with people, families, providers and national subject matter experts as we align our system.