Case Management Story – Specialist Steve Smith

Specialist Steve Smith, post 9/11 Army veteran was referred to the Veteran Support Network (VSN) of Western MD. The Alliance SSVF Housing Program came to his immediate rescue back in December 2017. He and his two young children were abandoned and displaced by the wife/mother. Steve having to relocate with little income ($133/mo, 10% Service connected), loss of job, due to lack of child care, and no other family support was on the last rung of his rope. He was provided with housing and other expenses paid through this Federal Housing Program. He was given a $150 gift card for food and other necessary expenses from the Just Serve Initiative right before the seasonal holiday.

Steve was assisted with connection and navigation of Department of Social Services, Washington County and the Community Action Agency. Emergency SNAP program was approved, and resources for some child care were given. Steve was facing an uphill battle. He had all of his household belongings in a storage unit that was non accessible because he could not afford the fees. His auto insurance is on the brink of being discontinued. One of his children is on the Autism Spectrum and needed special education services at school. Steve battling with PTS and the anxiety it manifests was doing everything he could to try and survive, but he felt he was in a no win situation.

Steve was further assisted by CM with continued connections to resources at local and State level. Steve was given assistance at Social Security to apply for benefits for he and family. Meanwhile employment options for a desired job in HVAC were being explored. An application for a Veteran emergency relief fund was submitted and Steve received $300 in the mail in which he bought a little more time with his auto insurance company. Steve was provided veteran peer support, and group PTS counseling through, Building Veterans a local veteran support group in Brunswick, MD. This group also assisted with emergency kitchen and household supplies, until Steve could access his storage unit. Home Front Battles, a national veteran support group assisted negotiations and payment for owed fees giving him access his storage unit through March 2018. Steve was referred to Service Coordination, Inc of Washington County for assistance with supports for his son. Steve was closed and transferred from SSVF housing to the State Hud-Vash housing voucher program. Steve looks to move into a new residence provided through Hud-Vash. Help with Steve’s move will be provided through Building Veterans and Help You Move Vets, a moving company owned and operated by a veteran in Myersville, MD. Steve’s job exploration was also assisted through the CM and network and Steve has a very promising veteran friendly HVAC company looking to hire him by end of February. Due to the CM and collaboration and cooperation of the Veteran Support Network, Steve is seeing the light at the end of this disastrous situation. CM will continue to assist Steve and family with other resources to remain stable and navigate into a desired lifestyle.