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Brian’s Service Coordinator helped bring out the bright and funny side of him. When Brian’s Community Coordinator first met him, he was very shy and did not want to talk much, so his mother interacted for most visits. “Our visits helped build a relationship to learn about what Brian wanted to do with his life and which support he needed,” said SCI Community Coordinator. Brian was interested in looking for a job to keep him busy during the week and is also involved with the Special Olympics, as a phenomenal athlete. To help him access services to support his goals, a Waiver/Medical Assistance application was completed for him by his Community Coordinator.  

Brian’s Community Coordinator also assisted him with Social Security benefits after Brian’s mom had been trying for two years to get approved. The team encountered some challenges with the Medicaid Waiver paperwork, but after several denials, Brian was approved for SSI benefits! With the approval of Social Security benefits, the waiver application was approved, Brian could begin accessing services through the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration. He also began a new job at a coffee shop in Maryland as a greeter and cashier. Since he began working and interacting with customers and co-workers on a regular basis, Brian has become more social and interacts comfortably with people he encounters at work, and in his social life. He has even warmed up to his Community Coordinator and is less reliant on his mom. “It was a long road for Brian to access services but seeing the impact of the support he receives is incredibly meaningful and truly helps Brian to live his best life,” said his SCI Community Coordinator.