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Make That Difference -

SCI Team members believes in an inclusive society where individuals are fully integrated and are free from discrimination.  We seek to understand individual preferences and incorporate personal wishes and desires into the right combination of paid and volunteer supports that enables each individual to live a full and fulfilled life that is self directed.

If your calling is to help others live a life of their choice, you want to be on our team.

With more than 20 years of hands on personal and community advocacy, SCI is the
largest provider serving the needs of the population we support in the State of Maryland.

Great Job, Great Life.

At SCI, they are one and the same.

With community involvement and physical well being, we offer a workplace culture that gives you the freedom to pursue what matters to you. We love to see you enjoying life at work and outside the office.

Do what you do best.

At SCI, we start with your natural talent + your passions and match you with a career that allows you to thrive.

When you do what you do best, you not only love your job--you change the world.

Our commitment to you...

Growth & Development

SCI believes in and practices internal development and promotion. Every single one of our supervisors were once a Service Coordinator.

Our Role in the Community

SCI is a nonprofit organization in Maryland that supports people of all ages to make choices affecting their lives and to access resources and services in their community.

SCI is currently the largest case management agency in Maryland, serving more than 11,700 people. This accounts for over 50% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who receive services. We also employ over 280 Service Coordinators in 2 regions in Maryland. Staff are highly qualified with 92% having a Bachelor’s degree or higher and having on average 6 years’ experience. SCI is also unique due to our community based and technological capabilities which allow us to work from virtually anywhere in the communities in which we serve people.

At SCI, we believe that every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and to make choices that affect their life. We believe people come first and to support this philosophy we show respect and honor for all people through our words and actions. We believe it is our responsibility to drive solutions by seeking out opportunities and navigating systems to make possibilities a reality, build connections that will encourage strong relationships, and to raise awareness in communities to appreciate the similarities and unique gifts of each person we serve.

Great Managers & Leadership

Weather you want to build leadership skills or develop a better process we know your ideas and interest pay a big role in the success of our company.

  • We encourage you to find unique ways to continue to go after your most daring personal and professional goals.
  • Ongoing learning from industry experts.
  • Strength-based coaching from leadership.
  • Continuous role training and mentorship from top performers.
  • A culture of leadership with the desire to help each other reach our full potential.

At Service Coordination, we work alongside local individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Service Coordination is now interviewing candidates for available positions is Service Coordinators in areas throughout Maryland.  Sometimes the role is being a guide to an important person in need, sometimes it’s to think of the unique possibilities for a tough situation and other times it’s to make things happen by managing situations.

Always it's about building futures.

If you're the type of person who welcomes challenges and is looking for a rewarding position where you can truly make a difference, please contact us to learn more.

Service Coordination, Inc. (SCI) employs more than 280 coordinators in offices throughout areas in Maryland; serving more than 11,700 individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Our staff are highly qualified; education of a Bachelor's degree or higher is a requirement for hire. Our coordinators have on average 6 years’ working experience with us. Educational backgrounds often include these areas of study: psychology, sociology, family studies, social work, education, special education, counseling and social sciences. All staff share a common purpose of working hard each and every day to make a difference!

SCI is also unique due to our mobile workforce and technological capabilities which allow us to work from virtually anywhere in the communities in which we serve people. If you meet the following qualifications and are interested in being part of a dedicated team that works to improve the lives of people with disabilities, please apply today.

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To fax, send to:  301-663-9586

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Human Resources
Service Coordination, Inc.
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Service Coordination, Inc. is committed to a discrimination-free workplace and to providing equal opportunity in employment for all people without regard to race, color, religion, pregnancy, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran’s status, uniformed service, or other protected characteristic.