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Father’s Day is TODAY, and we want to recognize all the amazing dads and dad figures in our lives. We acknowledge and appreciate every dad, and through our work with the disabilities community, we also recognize the importance of fathers with disabilities and fathers of children with disabilities.   

We admire your resilience, dedication, and ability to overcome challenges. Here at SCI, some of our Service Coordinators have rounded up a few ways YOU can make dad smile this Father’s Day. 

Breakfast in Bed 

This one is a classic! There is something special about dad waking up to a home-cooked meal!   Or, order from dad’s favorite restaurant! Either of these options gives you and dad the chance to sit down and enjoy each other’s company over some excellent breakfast food. 

Sensory Board Creation 

Make dad a sensory board of all his favorite things! Favorite colors, textures, sounds, and sights. This craft can be done on any surface and tailored to fit whatever size you choose. All that matters is that dad knows you picked everything out with him in mind!  

A Handwritten Poem or Drawing 

Are you feeling creative? Put your creativity to work by crafting dad something handmade. Handmade gifts genuinely come from the heart, and he will appreciate you taking the time to create something custom. Whether you want to write a song, poem, or work on a painting he will treasure for years, this is a gift that he will remember long after the holiday ends.  

Big Ticket Item 

If your dad has been eyeing a special something, spoil him with it! After all, dads do so much, putting many of their needs aside to make sure their kids come first. So if this item makes life easier on dad, we can’t think of a better day to surprise him. What a treat for him to get something he’s been wanting! 

Here’s to all dads! This day is especially for you– Happy Father’s Day!