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Ten Reasons to Hug the Nearest Service Coordinator or Supports Planner

(virtual hugs only, of course!)



1. They love what they do.

Service Coordinators and Supports Planners are passionate and driven people. They put the people they support first, and that’s all the reason to want to wrap them in a giant hug! We admire these hardworking and inspiring individuals as they make each day about helping those around them.


2. They don’t hear too many “thanks!”

Believe it or not, being a Service Coordinator or a Supports Planner can be a thankless job. It can be very demanding work each day, going above and beyond to meet the needs of people, without expecting a word of thanks. Next time you see a case worker, be sure to throw a “thank you” their way and watch their eyes light up!


3. They do way more than we even know.

Service Coordinators and Supports Planners often wear many hats. They can fulfill many roles for the people they support and the organizations they work for. They are constantly changing and adapting their job responsibilities to fit the needs of others. This is both impressive and inspiring as we reflect on what a day in their shoes may feel like. It seems like there are not enough hours in the day but somehow, they accomplish the work of multiple people.


4. They have a plan under pressure.

Think fast – Service Coordinators and Supports Planners can! With no day looking quite the same, they are quick to find solutions to anything thrown their way. It’s important for them to be able to keep their cool and professionally execute a solution-based strategy in any situation that is always best for the person they are supporting. Service Coordinators and Supports Planners are people you want in your corner, no matter what.


5. They make a difference.

The work they do is rewarding for everyone involved. Service Coordinators and Supports Planners make a difference through their commitment to their communities. It’s admirable to have so many individuals in this field of work that dedicate themselves to leaving others’ lives better.


6. In difficult times, they lift us up.

Even in the lowest of times, these hardworking individuals are right alongside us, ready to help. It takes a caring and selfless person to show up for others during hard times. Service Coordinators and Supports Planners made it their entire career!


7. They never stop, even when everything else might.

When the going gets tough, Service Coordinators and Supports Planners get going! Not even a global shutdown could stop them from helping others. During the COVID-19 shutdown, these employees didn’t miss a beat. They adapted to their surroundings and found new ways to ensure they remained available and helpful to the individuals they support.


8. Nothing feels impossible.

Service Coordinators and Supports Planners are everywhere.  At some point, you have most likely received help that was due to the hard work and diligence of a Service Coordinator or Supports Planner.


9. It’s all in the details.

Service Coordinators and Supports Planners have several things to manage. This includes the big stuff AND every detail. They are data-driven and detail-oriented while remaining compassionate and empathetic to the people they help. That’s a lot to juggle and they do it repeatedly for everyone they come across. You can take a deep breath and relax when you have a Service Coordinator or  Supports Planner helping you navigate any situation you are faced with.


10. They’re all about YOU!

Service Coordinators and Supports Planners are partners in navigating care. You are their top priority.  Between long hours, multiple cases to manage and coordinate, and not always receiving the gratitude they deserve, we are constantly amazed by their fortitude and grace. We send, a HUGE thank you for being you!