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Your Veterans Case Manager

Service Coordination, Inc’s case manager works with each individual to develop an individual treatment plan and coordinate the provision of services and resources for obtaining VA health and burial benefits; Housing; Employment & Training, treatment plans, benefits counseling, transportation, legal advice, referrals, etc.

Objectives of the case management program are:

  • Physical and psycho-social stabilization
  • Development of life skills in areas including coping, communication, conflict resolution, and skills that aid in recovery from acute adversity such as job loss, substance abuse, PTSD, and mental illness
  • Development of employment skills and training to prepare veterans for successful reentry into the workplace.
  • Housing (emergency, transitional, and long-term)
  • Employment & Training (career counseling, training, job placement, etc.)
  • Health & Wellness (peer support groups, substance abuse treatment, etc.)
  • Outreach (food pantry, clothing, etc.)