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SCI remains focused on our efforts for continual improvement in quality of services. In 2016, we developed a comprehensive quality review system that identifies personal records to be reviewed by a supervisor, and includes a satisfaction survey. Supervisors are required to review all aspects of a Service Coordinator’s (SC’s) work on a regular basis to ensure that team members are well trained in all job responsibilities and are delivering services that are of very high quality. Through this approach, supervisors provide support, guidance and instruction to staff reinforcing strengths and identifying areas in need of improvement. The comprehensive quality review assesses the overall quality of Coordination of Community Services (CCS) service provision and the nature of the SC’s work with people, including but not limited to: self-direction, person centeredness, and implementation of service coordination procedures. This broad assessment of quality is accomplished through the following review components:

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Visit Verification
  • Individual Plan Review
  • Monitoring Review
  • Data Integrity and Progress Notes Review
  • Service Coordinator Competencies Review
  • Regulatory Compliance

In the last quarter of FY16 alone, SC’s work with over 420 people have been reviewed, including the completion of 265 satisfaction surveys.  We have learned a lot through these satisfaction surveys.

The top 3 things that are most important to people served are responsiveness (75%), being connected to resources (62%), and knowing me (53%).  Almost 91% of people and families indicated their SC provided what was most important to them

83 %      Agreed or strongly agreed that their SC supported their choices about who provides their services.

86 %      Agreed or strongly agreed their SC treats them how they want to be treated.

91 %      Agreed or strongly agreed that they want to keep working with their current SC.

92 %      Indicated that they were likely or highly likely to recommend SCI to a friend or colleague.

Launched in April 2014, the SCI Database continues as an integral part of providing high quality services to people.  The database ensures SC’s have easy access to well-organized and pertinent data for service delivery, as well as assists leadership to monitor the overall quality of services. Throughout 2016, we continued to develop functionality such as automated task reminders, and an enhanced reporting capabilities.  In 2016, we also began development of a quality assurance module in the database to provide real time performance data on over 20 compliance and quality measures.  The quality assurance module’s completion is planned for the fall 2016.