Who does SPS support? A Personal Story

Imagine…you are in your early twenties living it up in your own apartment and working full time. Hey maybe you are, then there isn’t much to imagine! What would you do if your life changed dramatically and nothing was ever the same? This is what happen to “Dave”.

Dave was enjoying his young life working on cars, hanging out with his friends and laughing when he was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. His injuries resulted in him having a traumatic brain injury and being paralyzed from his chest down. He required six months of intensive inpatient rehabilitation before he could be discharged to his parent’s home.

June was Dave’s one year anniversary of the accident that changed his life forever. He now can eat a regular diet, his vision has improved, he can text and he is still laughing. He is grateful for the small everyday things in life that many of us may take for granted. His mobility has improved and he can move around his home with a motorized wheelchair.

Dave still has the same goals for his life as he did before his accident. He wants to live in his own apartment, go back to college and work. He would also like to work towards having a vehicle that can be adapted to his needs, so he can drive. He is motivated for therapy and to learn to transfer himself. Dave’s accident did not stop his life and now his drive for independence remains his focal point.

Through Community First Choice, Dave has a Supports Planner from SCI who is working alongside him to support him in achieving his goals, one step at a time. So far Dave’s SP has helped him secure personal care hours to help him with his ADLs which also takes some of the pressure of caregiving off his parents. She supported him in obtaining a trapeze which assists him in moving independently in bed. And currently she is helping him obtain a belt for his motorized wheelchair so he does not fall out of it and injury himself further.

Dave’s parents have times of being overwhelmed, so his SP also supports Dave by making calls to get medical supplies, home healthcare and other services. Dave is looking forward to the environmental assessment in his home, which will result in adaptations, to increase his independent mobility.

Without the funding provided through the Community First Choice program, the love and assistance of his family and his Supports Planner, Dave would be living in a nursing facility not of his choice. Dave is truly an inspiration to all those who know him and we are proud to be serving him.