Update on the Rate Study

Dear Stakeholder,

I’d like to take this opportunity to update you on the progress of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) rate setting study.

In November 2017, the DDA released a report initiated based on 2014 legislation requiring DDA to conduct an independent, cost-driven study, develop and implement a plan, provide for specified payments, develop a billing and payment system, establish a payment schedule, and consult with stakeholders.

Later that month, a series of town hall meetings were held in each of the DDA’s four regions to provide more information on the study results. The DDA received input on the results of the study via emails and posted Frequently Asked Questions on our website.

The DDA and the Johnston, Villegas-Grubbs and Associates (JVGA) consultants are in Phase Two of the rate setting process, which is about discovery. JVGA began making calls and meeting with providers and families this month. They identified trends that needed more clarity, so the meetings were paused so JVGA can drill down on the identified trends.

JVGA is preparing a webinar that will provide more detailed information to providers in February, before continuing with provider calls. Several areas will be addressed, including developing more accurate direct support hours from providers and a crosswalk from the old billing system to the new way services will be billed. This will allow providers to have a clear understanding of the impact of the study for their organization.

The DDA values the engagement of providers, individuals and families concerned with the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities in developing a fair and equitable rate system. If you would like updates from the DDA, please sign up at DDA Notifications.

Thank you for your interest and support as the DDA transforms our service delivery system to enable people with developmental disabilities to direct their services and lives.


Bernard Simons
Deputy Secretary
Developmental Disabilities Administration

For more information of the rate setting study, visit our website.