Responses to Questions about the Rate Study

Rate Setting Study

Recently, the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) was required to conduct an independent, cost-driven study, develop and implement a plan, provide for specified payments, develop a billing and payment system, establish a payment schedule, and consult with stakeholders. This rate setting study marked the first time the provider rate structure has been reviewed in at least two decades.

Johnston, Villegas-Grubbs and Associates (JVGA) was contracted to facilitate the rate study under the oversight of the DDA. JVGA used the “Brick™ Method” to design rates for services – a systematic approach to rate setting used by county and state governments, as well as federal programs.

A series of town hall meetings were held in each of the Developmental Disabilities Administration’s four regions Nov. 13 – 16 for stakeholders to provide input on the results of the study. Stakeholders were given the opportunity to email questions to

The questions received by email about the rate setting study and the responses are now available for review on our website or by clicking here.