Impact! Recommending Crisis Resolution

One of our team members supports an individual, now 19, who has been physically aggressive at home resulting in property damage and has attempted to ingest items that, if not caught in time, could have led to serious health consequences. Because of the high level of support the person requires at home, his mother’s job has been put at risk because of the amount of time she has had to be out of work.

The Coordinator was successful in recommending Crisis Resolution priority for the person after several months of trying to secure CFC supports within the home. This required significant coordination with the Support Planner, service providers and the family. Upon receiving WL-CR status, the Coordinator helped the family explore several options including schools with residential environments, IFC arrangements and DDA service providers. The family finally settled on Living Sans Frontieres as a residential provider. The Coordinator supported the individual through all the steps required to initiate services and received the final approval. Over the course of this process, the Coordinator demonstrated professionalism during emotional meetings and correspondence from the family. Some meetings and interactions included legislators and the family’s attorney. The Coordinator helped the person access valuable services and helped various others understand the DDA processes.