Impact Story – James McCray

Mr. James McCray is a resident of Baltimore City who recently celebrated his 78th birthday. James is an avid Orioles fan and loves spending time with his family.

Throughout most of 2017, James struggled with different health concerns that affected his well-being and his day to day routines. James’ great-niece and guardian was also the only person caring for James with very little support. When Service Coordinator Mary Rosekrans first met James and his niece, he was attending a day habilitation program Monday-Friday. After taking some time to get to know James, his niece, and his team, SC felt that James was not connected to the services that would best fit his current needs, goals, and daily health care and support.

First, a referral was made for the Community First Choice program. After assessments were completed, James was approved for daily in-home supports. James has now been with his in-home nursing supports since May 2017 and both he and his family are very happy with the extra supports.

Next, a request was made for personal supports and respite care services to help James spend more meaningful time in the community doing things he enjoys, both in the evenings and on the weekends. James was approved for 20 hours a week of personal support services and the maximum days of annual respite. The family was not happy with the first provider that was selected for providing supports and respite, so SC helped them change to a different provider. Weekly personal supports hours and respite care equips both James and his niece with additional supports beyond his day program, meaningful time in the community doing activities James loves to do, all which ensures James is safe and well-cared for. James’ niece reported to SC that James is “noticeably more engaged in his day to day routines and more energized” since the different support services were added.

Lastly, after James’ day to day healthcare needs and support started to increase due to his age and new medical concerns, he was often being sent home by staff at his day program due to the fact they did not have the appropriate resources to best care for James. SC knew that James would be best supported in a medical day program setting versus a day habilitation setting. SC helped the family explore medical day programs in the area and after the referral process, James is happily attending the League for People with Disabilities. SC visited with James at the League recently during a gorgeous summer day. James and SC walked around the beautiful courtyard area at the League. James was up, walking around, engaging in his environment, and appeared the happiest he has been since SC started working with him in January 2017. A few months ago, James’ niece told SC “before you started to work with James, he basically had nothing. Now, it seems like he has everything.” SC knew that James would benefit from applying for more services and changing existing services around to best support his wellness, health, and well-being.