Federal Threats: need stories about how services help people with disabilities

A national HCBS Advocacy Coalition is trying to prevent weakening the HCBS rule which they believe is threatened by lobbying from certain groups.  They are asking for stories from people who get services about how home and community based services help them, improve lives and why they are a good thing.  Pictures would be great.  Please forward this to people who can write a short story about the value of HCBS service.

Please send your story (500 words or less) and a photo (optional) to hcbsadvocacy@gmail.com. Tell us what state you live in, whether you/your family member/friend/client receive HCBS for aging or disability services, what types of services you receive (help with work, getting dressed, shopping, etc.), how it has improved your/their quality of life, and anything else you want to share about the value of home and community-based services.