Case Management Story – Michael

Case Management (CM) met Michael at a local veteran social and physical engagement group known as Team Read White and Blue. Michael is a post 911 veteran living with his wife and child in the Frederick Area. After the group activity (meeting at a café) Michael inquired as to what does a Veteran Case Manager provide. I gave Michael a quick elevator speech or description of possible service and linkages provided and a business card. Several weeks later Michael called to inquire if we could get together and discuss his needs in his household and community.

An appointment was made to meet. CM asked an available veteran mentor to join him at the meeting. After a more in depth discussion on how the wrap around services could work the case manager asked if the veteran would mind if an Authorization and consent agreement could be signed. Michael appeared comfortable about joining in on the agreement. An information sharing, assessment and intake were completed at this meeting. Michael needed assistance in the following areas due to multiple diagnosis’ that he shared, several which occurred during military service. Michael first shared the need for some in home direct care services.

The team assessed he needed about 15 hours of direct care to assist with healthcare appointment management, medication management, transportation, communication assistance with providers and other professional health care provider options. Michael is VA connected and does receive some medical services through the VA, but also has private health insurance coverage through is wife’s employer. Michael said he struggled in all of these areas, plus some household care and management. CM found a few services in the area that could provide care. Michael interviewed both services and chose a service. Michael also had a need to connect with more what he refers to as Battle Buddies or Veteran Mentor Support. CM has been providing names and connection to candidates that would assist Michael, as well as informal social groups in which to connect. Michael has also needed assistance with health and safety concerns in household as he is at risk of falling down stairs. He has requested assistance in finding a service to assist with financial management and understanding of veteran benefits. Michael does not work or feel he can with his many mental and physical health conditions, however he does have an interest in getting information on classes at a local community college. Michael is open to community involvement through volunteer opportunities, but they will need to have very specific environmental control for him to be successful. CM has been meeting with Michael and has developed a working person centered plan that is reviewed and updated on a monthly basis. There is open communication with Michael throughout the month by phone, emails and texts. Michael has expressed his satisfaction with the relationship and services provided.