Action Alert: Keep Up the Advocacy

Congress is on a fast track to pass the tax reform bill; the Senate is debating right now! This bill will be devastating for people with disabilities and yet the public has not even seen the final bill.  We have to stop this from happening, we need you to take action now. TODAY, please call and ask your Senator to vote no on this tax bill!

Here is the negative impact of the bill:

  • Raises the deficit to $ 1 trillion according to the Joint Committee on Taxation to even with growth in the economy.
  • Triggers automatic cuts to vital services and programs that many people with disabilities depend on such as Head Start, Vocational Rehabilitation, IDEA-bottom line is if it is not an entitlement (i.e., Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security) it is open to be cut.
  • Slashes Medicare because of a past 2010 bill that says Medicare could be cut by 4%, which adds $25 billion to the overall deficit.
  • Decreases contributions to charities that support millions of people living in poverty.
  • With 48 top economists saying the bill is not good for the U.S. economy, the Senate tax plan would jeopardize the fundamental promise of equal opportunity made to Americans with disabilities. No matter which way you slice the pie, this bill is extremely damaging to people with disabilities and gives massive tax cuts to the wealthiest and corporations. NOW is time to take action! We can stop this from passing. Every call matters!

TAKE ACTION,Today: Contact your Maryland Senators NOW. We can defeat this today! Click here to call Senator Ben Cardin and Senator Chris Van Hollen.