Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council Announces 2017-2021 Plan Overview

Announcing Release of the Council’s
2017-2021 State Plan Overview

What is the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council and what issues have we prioritized for advocacy & funding?

For answers, check out our Five Year State Plan Overview. Here is a sneak peak of the contents:

What is “the Council”?
The Council’s State Plan and Role in Maryland
State Plan Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Outputs,

Outcomes & Performance Measures

Every five years the Council develops a State Plan to guide and focus our work, after gaining input from people with developmental disabilities and their family members, advocacy organizations, services providers, legislators and state officials, as well as extensive research and analysis.

Over-arching strategies in our FY2017-2021 State Plan* can be summed up as:

1. Supporting self-advocacy and leadership development;
2. Educating and informing people with developmental disabilities, their families, legislators, and other stakeholders;
3. Raising expectations of families, schools, workplaces and the community at large;
4. Advocating for the creation or improvement of policies, programs, services, and laws;
5. Helping organizations develop skills needed to support people with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work and play alongside people without disabilities; and
6. Increasing access to services and supports.

The full State Plan is lengthy and includes, among other things, a comprehensive review and analysis useful to anyone interested in the current status of major service systems and issues in Maryland that impact people with developmental disabilities and their families. This “state of the state” informed the goals and objectives in our State Plan.

Interested in the work we are currently engaged in through the end the current fiscal year, September 30, 2017? Our more detailed Annual Work Plan can be found here.

We look forward to working with you to increase inclusion, expand opportunities, and empower people with developmental disabilities and their families!

Please Note: The State Plan Overview is concise and easy to read. The full State Plan and Annual Work Plan are in a format required by our federal funder but reader-friendly versions will be available in 2017.

* Fiscal Year 2017-2021: October 1, 2016-September 30, 2021.