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SCI better serves the people who count on us for case management with our team members focused in the demographic areas in which they live. Our team members are mobile employees based in the community and equipped with technology and training to perform their duties at places that may better meet the needs of those receiving our services. This focus ensures that our services are flexible and more accessible to the people we support.

SCI has two hub offices in the State of Maryland, with one being the Corporate location in Frederick, MD. The other is centrally located in Owings Mills, MD; serving the Central portion of Maryland. Our mobility allows our team members to work directly in the community without the need to travel back to an office. Because this work can now be done directly and immediately, our mobility allows us more time to spend in the community with people we serve and to be more accessible to them.

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SCI is a nonprofit organization in Maryland that supports people of all ages to make choices affecting their lives and to access resources and services in their community.

SCI is currently the largest case management agency in Maryland, serving more than 12,000 people. This accounts for over 50% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who receive services. We also employ over 400 team members in three regions in Maryland.  Team members are highly qualified with 96% having a Bachelor’s degree or higher and having on average 6 years’ experience. SCI is also unique due to our community based and technological capabilities which allow us to work from virtually anywhere in the communities in which we serve people.

At SCI, we believe that every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and to make choices that affect their life. We believe people come first and to support this philosophy we show respect and honor for all people through our words and actions. We believe it is our responsibility to drive solutions by seeking out opportunities and navigating systems to make possibilities a reality, build connections that will encourage strong relationships, and to raise awareness in communities to appreciate the similarities and unique gifts of each person we serve.